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My Review of Jen Lancaster’s Jeneration X (by Jill)

If it weren’t for Jen Lancaster I never would have read Eat, Pray, Love.  Before Jen, I had no time for non-fiction.  Non-fiction was not my deal.  And then I read Such a Pretty Fat in 2008.  And I laughed … Continue reading

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Christopher Moore’s Sacre Bleu. Review by Jill

My personal goal for 2012 is to read sixty books.  Sacré Bleu is number thirty-one, putting me into the second half of my book goal right as the second half of the year starts.  This tidbit of information is likely … Continue reading

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Man Books and Woman Books and Books that are Comfortable with their Multi-Faceted Sexuality: A Rambling and Discursive and Self-Indulgent Sunday-Morning Review of Anouk Markovits’ I Am Forbidden with a Rambling and Discursive Title to Match (by Bethany)

Someday, when you have several hours to spare and there’s nothing but golf on TV, ask Jill and me to tell you how we feel about the differences between male and female writers. The very short version of the story … Continue reading

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The AP English Challenge gets real: Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure (by Jill)

I knew the AP English Challenge wouldn’t be all sunshine and Latin American roses, but when Bethany suggested we read Shakespeare during month two, I was not without misgivings.  I haven’t read Shakespeare since 1998, for heaven’s sake.  I did … Continue reading

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Holy Syphilis Jokes, Batman!: Thoughts on Act I of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

So I’ve read Act I of Measure for Measure and I already have a lot to say… I remember being intrigued by this play when I was a senior in high school. And “intrigued” is about as positive as I … Continue reading

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A Review of Leila Meacham’s Roses (by Bethany)

Imagine a chemical treatment process that could suck everything that is emotionally resonant out of a work of art. The process would change nothing about a novel’s plot, characters, or setting – about any of the elements that typically get … Continue reading

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A Review of Richard Ford’s Canada (by Bethany)

On its book jacket, Richard Ford’s Canada promises a character named Arthur Remlinger who is “an enigmatic and charismatic American whose cool reserve masks a dark and violent nature” – and let me tell you: I have never been more … Continue reading

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